Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I wish I could explain how much I've been inspired by men's fashion lately. Working at the mall, I'm surrounded by people all the time, you come across people who dress well obviously. This group of guys came in, all dressed like they just stepped out of my new favorite Streetwear Blog. I just came across that blog recently, and I'm still drooling over it. It's all men's fashion, but I could look at it forever. I need to find where these guys shop, because I think I might need all of it for the winter. 

Also UNIF's Summer collection is EVERYTHING. Sometimes I get into these moods when I just want to wear all black, and dress like a boy, to wanting to dress in all tie dye, and colorful. UNIF's Summer collection brings out the colorful inspiration for me for sure. The 70's and 90's vibes from it are just giving me life. I got the Pusher dress recently since DollsKill was having a SUMMER SALE. I couldn't say no. I got the UNIF Pusher dress, for just $55 (originally $98), and the UNIF Pyro Boots for just $94 (originally $194).

I'll hopefully be buying a camera sometime soon. We'll see how it goes for then next few weeks. I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible <3

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shoe Wish List

I've always been SO in love with these. They were one of my first pair of JC shoes that I saw and fell in love with! I heard something about the silver platform getting chipped from too much wear though? I haven't read that anywhere, but someone told me that... Not sure. I feel like these would be a great everyday boot, and easily styled! 


The Gammaray Platform in Multi

I'm a sucker for platform boots. I love my YRU BLOQ boots SO much. So when I saw these, it reminded me of my YRU boots on LSD. Anything hologram instantly wins my heart, and UNIF took two concepts I love, and made the perfect platform boot.

I first saw these on Tumblr and instantly knew they were Jeffrey Campbell. Some have told me these are a bit morbid..... Whatevs. 

I DIED when I saw these on an instagram post going through the New York Fashion Week tag! I believe blogger Rachel Lynch was wearing them? That would completely make sense because look at how perfect shoes are. The only thing is that they look like they'd be a little uncomfy because of the slope of the shoe. I prefer the white ones over the black ones because I feel like the white shoe goes better with the clear platform and heel! 

The Lita Drip Shoe in Green Slime (Exclusive)

SLIME TIME. Okay these are just gross looking and I love drippy everything and these are perfect. IF THEY CAME IN A NEON PINK I WOULD DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.